COLOR PHONICS is a patented comprehensive phonics program. It is also a new pronunciation guide which associates vowel sounds with fourteen specific assonant colors  rather than with confusing diacritical marks.  Assonance occurs when vowel sounds rhyme, as in "brown cow" or "green leaf" or "blond hog".   For consonant sounds, Color Phonics uses italic letters to indicate a different sound other than the common sound.  Silent letters have a skinnier font.

COLOR PHONICS concentrates on sound discrimination and proper pronunciation of sounds before proceeding to visual discrimination of letters and words.   Color Phonics teaches blending (sounding out), an important foundation for word formation and reading. The system becomes progressively more challenging as the student learns to read.

COLOR PHONICS teaches the pronunciation of the 43 phonics sounds (phonemes) of American English with animations of the mouth.  It teaches auditory and visual discrimination of consonants, consonant blends, and vowels. It teaches your student 46 spelling patterns, over 850 "Sound-It-Out" blends, recognition of over 1,300 words and reading those words within 33 stories. It also has games reviewing upper and lower case letter recognition.

COLOR PHONICS is for any student ages 5 and up, learning to read for the first time. It is for remedial English students or adults who want a better phonics foundation for reading. Students with English as a second language could also benefit from Color Phonics.

COLOR PHONICS contains over 100 race scenes, over 10,000 files, and over 2 billion bytes on 5 CD-ROM's. It features traditional structured education with automatic reviews and reinforcements. Color Phonics teaches essential reading skills, starting at the beginning with sounds. The Teacher Center allows the teacher full control of the Color Phonics curriculum. It has timed mode and 'color text off' options that let advanced students improve their reading skills.

Bonus Bible stories are included for those wanting extra reinforcement with Biblical content. It uses the delightful animated characters from the "Amazing Book" video series.

There is also a Teacher's Manual and two Color Reference cards to make learning easier for you and your student.

Important Information:

Color Phonics was revised in 2000, and it also runs on Windows XP!

We are the Authors of Color Phonics®

The Details...

Lays a Foundation of Speech and Hearing

Actual Screen ShotMany students struggle with reading year after year because they have learning gaps in their foundational understanding of speech and hearing. There are going to be reading difficulties when the teacher says: "the letters `TH' makes the /th/ sound as in `that'" and the student responds with "What does dat mean?" Color Phonics® fills those learning gaps by testing and training your student in the 43 foundational phonemes. It shows animated cross-sections of the head pronouncing the phonemes, so that your student can fully comprehend tongue placement, lip placement, and voice control.

English as a Second Language

Color Phonics® provides animated pronunciation helps in its reference section organized specifically for the following languages:

Arabic - Chinese - Farsi - French - German - Greek
Hindi and Punjabi - Italian - Japanese - Korean
Polish - Portuguese - Spanish - Vietnamese

Unique Color Phonics Pronounceable Text

Color Phonics® displays the pronunciation of the vowels right in the text! The vowel letters are colored with colors that have the same vowel sound in their names: the short `e' sound is colored red (hear the /eh/ in red), the long `e' sound is colored green, the /ow/ sound is colored brown, and so on. This gives your student a quick visual clue of pronunciation without introducing confusing diacritical marks. 

Used by Professionals

"The Color Phonics® program combines elements from current oral language and reading research, a back-to-basics educational philosophy, and new strategies for teaching reading. It's multi-modal, easy, and just plain fun."
Carol Murphy; M.A., C.C.C. Licensed Speech-Language Specialist Registered Educational Therapist Credentialed Learning Disability Specialist

Award Winning

Won 2nd Place 1998 "Practical Homeschooling" Software Awards (Phonics)

A Complete Professional Quality Phonics Curriculum on CD-ROM

This course establishes a complete understanding of the standard American English phonemes. It adds to that foundation: letter recognition, word building (sound-it-out), phonics rules, word recognition, and reading words in stories. The Focus Learning System makes sure that your student masters the subject completely. The Teacher Center gives you complete control over the learning process! While your student is kept engaged in the learning process with our colorful, animated "Revver's Race", he is provided a full, robust curriculum that contains: 

5 full CD-ROMS
Upper and lower case letter recognition
46 spelling pattern presentations
200 rhyming word families
Recognition of 50 most common words
Over 850 "Sound-It-Out" blends
Recognition of over 1,300 words
Reading practice in 33 stories
Helps for 14 different languages
Over 10,000 files
Over 2 billion bytes
Over 100 race scenes 

American English Phonemes

Color Phonics® includes the pronunciation, auditory and visual discrimination, and 
spelling instruction of: 

28 consonant and digraph sounds
15 vowel and diphthong sounds
31 beginning consonant blends
37 ending consonant blends 

The Right Choice for You and Your Student

Remedial English
English as a Second Language
First time readers
Those wanting a phonics foundation   

Minimum System Requirements  

Windows 3.1 · 386/33 Mhz · 8 Mb RAM · Super VGA · 16bit Sound · Mouse